iOS App

Redesigning a large scale work management tool


Improving user experience by implementing scalable, accessible design within a large-scale business unit

Through an iterative process, my redesign established deliberate patterns, adapted to iOS standards more productively, and added definition to screens. This enabled the UI to scale a variety of edge cases more reliably. I also helped drive team efficiency by identifying opportunities to extend existing components to support different scenarios.

In an effort to accelerate production on a tight timeline – I leveraged as much “out of the box” iOS componentry as possible. After learning our user’s behavior, environment, and feature requirements we decided to design specifically for iPad Mini. This enabled camera access (and other native functionality such as offline mode), offered sufficient screen space, and could be handheld.

iOS App
Usable, Scalable, and Accessible

The updated navigation scales the product more reliably and aligns with iOS standard, the updated search/sort/filter system provides a more intuitive experience, and the reevaluated language and content design adds clarity