Estimating & Scheduling

Solving unique business problems by digitally transforming operational processes


Through incubation and discovery, we identified major pain and opportunity within a revenue-generating, unregulated department

We learned that 78% of this unit’s sales required onsite estimates, which cost the business $150 to perform each time. We also learned that 15% of customers declined to purchase service because of a delay in scheduling. After realizing we needed a better way to estimate and schedule work, we prioritized this problem and focused as we facilitated a one-week design sprint.

Working with the business to conduct user interviews, create personas, storyboards, journey maps, stakeholder maps, dependency maps, all the maps.

At last, we knew what to build. We secured funding by leveraging results from a two-week pilot (which validated that empowering Inside Sales Reps to provide more accurate estimates, reduced the number of “Onsite’s Required” by 49%). We also confirmed that providing the estimates upfront increased conversion rates by 10%.