Experimental Prototype

Career framework + self-improvement platform design exploration


Supporting horizontal growth within different skills to offer opportunities beyond the traditional management track and enable smaller milestones for growth

By explicitly showing creatives how they can grow, this product will ultimately support design teams as they work to achieve purpose, mastery, and autonomy.

The design is not native iOS or Android, it is however mobile-first web-based. I like to design mobile-first as it pushes me to be conservative with space and behaviors, this strategy also accelerates my process as I experiment with different component setups – working to find sufficient scalability in the UI. This is because, fewer interactions, components, and layouts make sense when you think mobile vs. desktop. Enabling me to discover stronger setups sooner.

Captureing scope, competency, and interest

Data visualization that is directly manipulated as users add and measure skills – capturing their “scope” at the y-axis and “competency” at the x-axis.